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CoGNA endeavors to have regional meetings annually, in addition to our annual in-person conference - in hopes of keeping State Names Authorities engaged, connected, and informed. Although the meetings are organized by time zones, any representative can attend any (or all) of the scheduled meetings. These meetings are intended for State Names Authority representatives and are not part of formal training or engaging with the public. Contact your State Names Authority directly for communications on place names in your state.  More information on contacting your State Names Authority can be found HERE.

The meetings are held at various times - scheduled based on host availability.  Check back often for updated schedules of available meeting times. General format for the meetings is: 1) introductions, 2) host comments, 3) upcoming annual conference information, 4) Q&A period, 5) Executive Secretary updates.   Please contact the Executive Secretary if you are interested in hosting a future meeting at .

CoGNA membership is open to State Names Authority representatives, and includes all 50 U.S. States, as well as representatives from the U.S. territories.

Scheduled Meetings

Pacific Time Zone Meeting

Upcoming Meeting link will be found HERE when posted